SPRC: Pastor & Staff Compensation

It’s pretty much a given that church employees are paid less than non-church employees, right? Partially that’s because the intangible benefits of working for a church can be pretty great. Usually there is a lot of flexibility. There is the fulfillment knowing your job is transforming lives and giving people an assurance of heaven. Is there a point where you are paying a church employee too little?

When I worked for Bismarck First Church, this was a struggle. What is the going rate for a youth pastor or church secretary? I was fortunate enough to run across Richard Hammar’s Compensation Survey. That gave me some data to help make that judgment. The next struggle: What do you do if you are overpaying or underpaying a church employee? I dive into what I would recommend in the video below. Also, in the links at the bottom I share a couple of affordable training opportunities that I’ve found helpful over the years.

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