SPRC: Building up the Pastor

Think about the best boss or teacher or coach you’ve ever had. What were they like? I’m betting they brought the best out of you. I’m betting they were honest yet optimistic about your performance and potential. That is the type of Staff-Pastor Relations Committee your pastor needs. Here’s the secret: Everyone wins when the pastor is at his or her best. The strength and vitality of your ministry will be limited by the overall health of your pastor.

What can you do to build up your pastor?

  • Be trustworthy: If you are on the Staff-Pastor Relations Committee, never ever break confidentiality. Even if you justify it as a “prayer concern,” it’s gossip and will tear your pastor down.
  • Do go there: Don’t just dwell church business. Prepare yourself to have the conversation about what your pastor’s biggest concern is apart from church work. Be willing to share your own struggles.
  • Take action: If it all possible, help the church take some sort of action to help your pastor with that area of concern. If the pastor needs better boundaries between work and family, help define that. Then have the Committee share this with the church…repeatedly.

In the video, I have a bunch of other practical examples of how to build up your pastor.

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