Trustees: Caring for the Property

When my kids were little, they used to watch a lot of Bob the Builder and eventually Handy Manny. The more stuff broke down, the happier Bob seemed to be. Do you know why Bob was so happy? He lived in a world where you didn’t have pay for anything! In the real world…and especially in the church…there is more that needs to fixed than we can afford to take care of. And if we have the money, do we have the volunteers and other labor?

Part of why the job can be overwhelming is that we often just fly by the seat of our pants and just fix the squeakiest wheels. Instead of having others plan our work for us, why not plan your own work. Come up with your own To-Do list and set your own priorities. This should also give some comfort to those squeaky wheels knowing that they’re on your list…and what’s on your list eventually gets done.

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