Clergy Compensation in the GMC

If you ever watch Whose Line is it Anyway?, I’m always amazed at these people that can make things up on the fly and make it sound like it was all part of the script. I’m not so sure I would like it if the person cutting my paycheck was making things up as they go.

One of the benefits of a bureaucracy is that there is a well defined process for taking care of those routine and important duties such as clergy compensation. Bureaucrats produce forms and instructions and advice that cover both the important and not-so-important aspects. What will the hundreds of churches that are leaving the bureaucratically robust United Methodist denomination do now that they are in the Global Methodist denomination?

Many churches won’t have a charge conference. There won’t be a Conference office to call or email. There are very few forms. There is no Journal and just a very slim Book of Discipline. While this post is coming late, here’s some advice I’ve been giving to churches that are navigating clergy comp on their own:

  1. Calculating Benefits: I did a couple posts on the pension and health costs that are linked below. Your pension costs will likely be cheaper. Your health costs may be more expensive.
  2. Decide on a Salary: As far as I can tell, there is no minimum salary in the Global Methodist denomination. There is also little to no data on what the average Global Methodist pastor is paid. It’s up to the church to discern what is appropriate and affordable.
  3. Complete A Clergy Comp Form: I created a generic form and put the link down below. Hopefully it is a help. Besides the salary and and benefits, don’t forget to approve the housing exclusion.
  4. Hold an Annual Meeting: If your church disaffiliated this year, you’re probably meeting-ed out. I still think it is important to hold a quick meeting to 1) update people on the state of the church, 2) vote on the budget, 3) approve those nominated for leadership, and 4) approve the pastor’s compensation.

In the video, I walk through the form. Chances are that the process will be a little more standardized in the years to come. I . I encourage you to connect with Rick Van Giesen (Benefits Officer) if you are confused or need help with benefits. He’s a great guy and very helpful.

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