Foundation Series: Conflict of Interest and Amendments

This is the final post in this series! For me, this is somewhat of a relief. Going through legal documents are important but not all that exciting. The cool thing though is that this is the type of practical advice that is not easy to find online…and especially not on YouTube.

In this week’s offering, I cover how to handle a conflict of interest. In the church world, there are lot of relationships and connections so you are bound to run into an actual or apparent conflict of interest. Here’s the process for dealing with a situation where you think there may be conflict:

  • Disclose: As soon as you become aware that there may be a conflict of interest relating to an action the board may be taking, let the board know right away. That’s the biggest thing.
  • Decide: Let the rest of the board vote to decide whether or not this is a conflict of interest. They have a different perspective and will be able to see more clearly if there is a conflict or not.
  • Defer: If the board decides that there IS a conflict of interest, you lose voice and vote until the action is decided. If the board decides there IS NOT a conflict of interest, you are free to participate fully in the discussion and decision.

The last part of this video talks about amending your foundation bylaws. This can be valuable because laws and circumstances change over the decades.

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