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8 Reasons why people aren’t watching your videos on YouTube

So…I’ve learned a lot about YouTubing over the last 3.5 years. I currently have the second largest United Methodist YouTube channel in the Dakotas. Embrace Church is beating me, but I’m beating Dakota Wesleyan.

How did this happen when I post primarily on church finances? I go over 8 things to think about to increase your views in this post. Most are super easy to fix and, because I’m cheap, they won’t cost a dime.

Foundation Series: Top 3 Reasons to Start a Church Foundation

Most churches will receive a large bequest on occasion. For some churches, this might be once every 20-30 years. For others, it probably happens more often. Does your church need a “church foundation” to manage these gifts? In this post I give the reasons why some churches should consider this option. This will start a 7-part series where I walk through the actual governing documents of setting up a church foundation.