Foundation Series: Meetings, Officers, & Committees

If a church is setting up a foundation or if a church is concerned about their foundation’s setup, hopefully this is a help. The template is linked below which gives you some good language. The video gives more of the reasoning behind the language.

Here’s the bullet-point version:

  • Meetings: Three things to think about here. 1)What is the minimum standard for regular meetings? Should you meet monthly, annually, quarterly? 2)What about making decisions electronically? Do our bylaws allow for Zoom meetings or email voting? 3)How are special meetings called? What is the timing and scope for those “emergency” meetings?
  • Officers: Most boards will have a chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer. The minimum standard for each officer should be well defined.
  • Committees: If committees are necessary for helping the board fulfill their duties, should directors be on those committees? How should committees be run?

All of these questions should be answered. In the video I weigh in on the answer to many of these questions.

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