The Art of Self-Sabotage

Disclaimer: Most of this post focuses on the self, but I want to acknowledge that I do heavily rely on close friends and the Holy Spirit in addressing my problems.

20 years ago, Jim Carrey starred in “Me, Myself, and Irene” where he played a state trooper with a split personality. I don’t remember much about the movie except that it seemed like the alter ego had no self control and would do whatever he wanted without regard to the consequences. This meant that the main personality had to pay the consequences but missed out on all the fun. I can identify with this.

About a week ago, I ran across an article from NBC News about how to make a workout habit stick. It’s based on a study of 60,000 gym goers where they tried to discover what incentives made a difference for someone sticking to an exercise habit. A lot of us can start working out, but it is really hard to make it stick. For me, if I miss working out once or twice, the habit is broken, and I probably won’t exercise until next season. The study found that the key to sticking with exercise is planning, reminding, and rewarding. This reminded me a lot of what Jordan Peterson wrote in 12 Rules for Life. Jordan makes the point that it seems like people are subconsciously punishing themselves. We often take better care of our pets than we care for ourselves. What if instead you focused on investing in activities that would make your future self would appreciate.

In the video I dive into these three questions:

  • How should I view my past self?
  • What can I do to help my future self?
  • What will help my present self keep these in mind?

Hopefully you find this helpful. It’s an ongoing struggle with me.

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