Donations from Business Owners

As I was looking into how farmers and ranchers can donate grain or livestock to charity, I started wondering about other small business owners. As I was visiting with some friends, we thought of a number of examples:

  • Mechanics: If the church owns a van, what about donating oil changes and other regular maintenance.
  • Printers: Donating to the church check stock and tax forms or the printing of bulletins and newsletters.
  • CPA’s: Donating W-2 and 1099 preparation.
  • Snow and Lawn Businesses: Donating the mowing and snow removal.

The one danger I see is if people decide to replace their financial giving with service to the church. Both giving and serving are important for Christians. Someone with a generous heart will see this as a way of maximizing their giving to the work of Jesus Christ through the church. If you see people choosing between giving OR serving, you have a discipleship problem.

In the video, I also show how to account for these gifts.

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