Telling your Story

When I read a great book, not just a good book, I tell people about it. When I listen to a great podcast, I share it with people. I’m asking people to commit an hour or maybe many hours of their life to something that I believe will add to their life because I have also experienced the benefits.

Now compare that experience to the experience you may have had when you invite someone to serve on a committee or to give to a ministry. Attendees of our recent webinar said they feel more like a telemarketer calling a 7pm than a someone offering anything good. Why is that? I believe in part it is because many of our churches haven’t embraced their story. The vast majority of churches have great stories of how lives have been changed and plans to impact even more lives. A lot of churches are also unclear about their story. If you have a compelling story, you’ll find that it will be difficult to not tell people about it and invite them to invest their time and energy in participating in the story.

The below video is the recorded webinar that Sheri Meister led on this subject which has a log of great advice and examples.

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