Receiving Donations of Grain

What do you think of the idea a farmer giving grain to a church instead of cash? What are the pros and cons of doing such a thing?


  • Taxes: Reduces tax bill. Where charitable contributions (cash donations) just reduce your income tax…if you itemize, grain contributions reduce income tax AND self-employment taxes.
  • Maximize Giving: Because of the tax savings, the church can receive a greater share of the gift…without having to share it with the IRS.
  • Giving and Work: I always wondered how you tithe on farm income. It’s complex, unpredictable, and sometimes negative. For me, I tithe right from my salary. I like seeing the paycheck and tithe hit my checking account on the same day. Donating grain or pledging the harvest of a number of acres would be similar for a farmer. As the LORD blesses your harvest, you can bless His work through the church.

Cons – ?? I’m not sure what the downside is.

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