My Favorite Books over the Last 12 Months

As a cheap accountant, the public library is a great resource…especially their online library. A couple of years ago, I started keeping notes of the books I read in Evernote. This is how I found out that I’m going through about 50 books a year. As I was reviewing my book notes, I thought it might be interesting to share this with you.

This year I read about 60 books this year. Here’s what categories they fell in:

  • Bible: This is in a category of its own. I usually read through it once a year.
  • Books with Kids: I read with Gus each night. He’s my youngest. A few years ago, we graduated from the kids books to Captain Underpants and Cube Kid and now we’re on Percy Jackson. This summer I started reading the same books Ella is reading…post-apocalyptic teen dramas.
  • Fun Books: Occasionally I’ll just pickup a book just for entertainment…which is oddly similar to Ella’s taste.
  • Books Recommended to Me: Normally when someone recommends a book to me, I rarely ever read it. I’m not sure why. Maybe that’s how accounts rebel. So, if I’ve read a book that you’ve recommended, you should feel honored.
  • Classics: I have read through a lot of the classics over the year. Usually I do read them for fun, but I usually have higher expectations…that I’ll gain some new insight or see the world differently.
  • Books Recommended by Carey Nieuwhof: I listen to Carey’s podcast. I do pickup a lot of books related to his guests. Also in this category I would include those books that you learn about at conferences or from similar church leadership programs.

In the video below, you can see my full list of books as well as my top that I would recommend you check out…or even buy.

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