My All-Time Favorite Spreadsheets

Over the years, I’ve created hundreds and hundreds of spreadsheets. Excel has been my go-to tool for almost any problem. It was not easy to choose my all-time favorite. What criteria do you use? I chose the ones that I felt were innovative, that I personally use often, and would hurt the worst if I lost it.

Here they are:

  1. Personal.xlsb: The personal.xlsb is actually an idea from Microsoft to help you store your favorite macros for easy use. The macros that I’ve written allows you to quickly and easily Paste Values or Negate a number with just a key board shortcut. Microsoft has made it easier to Paste Values in recent years, but I’d still prefer to ctrl+c and ctrl+shift+v to copy and paste values rather than clicking around.
  2. Timesheet with Log: With a lot of Excel timesheets, you just reuse the same spreadsheet each pay period. I like the idea of keeping a running log of how I’ve used my time. I’ve used versions of this spreadsheet for close to 15 years. This one can be tricky to customize. If you run the Turn_On_Calc macro (Password = Jimmies), you can see the hidden hidden sheets. In Project_Activity and TS_Filler, there are PivotTables. If something isn’t showing up in the timesheet, you may have to go into these Project filter and make sure the projects are checked. You don’t want the Projects starting with “SA” to be checked because that will cause a duplication.
  3. Mass Mail Forms: I’m unaware of any tool like this that so greatly enhances the email mail merge. For those of you that are mail merge pros, what if you could quickly and easily mass mail custom attachments? That’s what this does.

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