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This Excel tip blew my mind!

Have you ever tried to memorize a sum in Excel so that you can write it down in an email or some other document. You quickly repeat the number to yourself two or three times, type it out, and then verify that you didn’t forget along the way.

I just thought that was the way Excel was. My mind was completely blown when I learned this was completely unnecessary. Excel made a super easy, one-click solution. I love Excel!

Next Level Conditional Formatting in Excel

This is pretty nerdy, but few things motivate me more than a good-looking spreadsheet. In fact, I created two spreadsheets (linked in the post) that helped me lose weight and catch up on email. If a spreadsheet has great formatting, I’m more likely to keep it up to date as well as look at it closely. For me, Conditional Formatting has been a blessing in making it easy to make my spreadsheets more attractive and informative.