Art of Being Cheap: Furnishing Office

What percent of your week do you spend at work? For me, it’s right around 40% of my waking hours that I’m in my office for the typical week. With so much of my life being spent in my office, it seems foolish to not make my office a pleasant space to be. As soon as I moved from a cubicle to an office, I have always tried to make my office my own. In recent years I’ve taken it to the next level as you’ll see in the video.

The first thing you need to know: You have permission to design your workspace. For church workers, you may not necessarily have permission to spend money to design it, but you should take ownership of your office. Once I took ownership of my space, I accepted the responsibility for making it my own…which sometimes meant spending my own money on things I wanted.

There’s some simple and pretty much free things you can do to design your workspace.

  1. Imagine how you want to feel and how you want others to feel when they enter your office.
  2. Feel free to unload stuff you inherited from the previous resident. Whether it goes to storage or the dump, either works.
  3. Experiment with rearranging the furniture…especially they position of your desk if that’s your main workspace.
  4. Look for stuff in excess in your home that would add to your office.

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