Art of Being Cheap: Cutting Paper Use

Honestly, when cutting your paper use, you’re not going to save a lot of money usually. Cutting paper will save more time and energy than money. Think about it. When you do a mailing, how much does it cost? Usually it’s 1¢ per sheet of printed paper. The stamp costs 55¢. Think about the time it takes to print and fold and stuff and address and stamp that mailing. The other day, I had a mailing of just 160 pieces when the folding machine broke down. I just about wanted to quit the day the folding machine quit.

So…I have an aversion to messing with too much paper. Here’s the places where I see good opportunities to cut paper usage:

  • Printing: I’m surprised how many people don’t seem to be aware that paper has two sides. You can probably save a couple of reams of paper each year by printing on both sides or reusing paper.
  • Opt In Mailings: For mass mailings, sometimes we’re afraid to switch to digital because we know someone that doesn’t use a computer. This is our excuse for sending paper to everyone. Well…why not just have those people that want paper let you know?
  • 2+ Computer Screens: This one isn’t saving money, but it does save some paper. It also makes you more efficient because you’re not running back and forth to the printer as much.
  • The Bulletin: The short lifespan of a bulletin does not justify all the time and money that go into it. I would guess over 90% of church bulletins are never looked at again after the benediction. This makes a church app or a simplified bulletin seem like a better idea.

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