So you want to Preach on Giving: Part 1

One of the most awkward and difficult subjects to preach on is giving and generosity. I have lost track of how many times I’ve preached on giving. There are times when I’ve preached when no one wants to look you in the eye afterwards. There are other times when they really seem to appreciate the message. I have the huge advantage in that I’m preaching at someone else’s church. I will say what needs to be said and then disappear. The pastor doesn’t have that luxury.

Before you begin to write a message on giving, you need to have a solid foundation. Without a solid foundation your preaching will do more harm than good. Fix these truths in your mind first:

  • The Giver is Blessed: A person’s giving can draw them closer to Jesus or push them away from Jesus. Jesus is a blesser. The closer you can draw to Him, the more blessed you will be.
  • The Church is Worthy: Giving to a church is importing if you want to make this world a better place and see lives transformed through Jesus Christ.
  • Live it, then Preach it: You can’t preach effectively about what you haven’t experienced. You need to be tithing or growing towards it.

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