How should my church count the offering?

I hope and believe that most churches have this down pat. They are a fine tuned machine for getting money from the offering plate to the counters to the bank. But, if you are unsure or if you are starting a new church, this will be a good reminder. Here’s the keys:

  • Never do it alone: Anytime there is unsecured and uncounted money, it should never be handled alone. At least two people are bringing the offering to a safe location. At least two people are counting it. At least two people are making sure it’s locked up after counting.
  • Make a report: The counters should have a report of the amount deposited for the treasurer that they sign off on as well as a report of who gave what for the financial secretary.
  • Double check: In the counting process, make sure everything is counted twice. When the deposit doesn’t agree with the count, that erodes so much trust and puts people in compromising situations.

Check out the video below:

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