Memorial Tracking Spreadsheet

We have so many fantastic churches in the Dakotas UMC. One of them that has been a huge help to me personally is Yankton First UMC. They’ve given me some great experiences and wisdom…and now a new tool to share with you. It’s a clever spreadsheet that allows you to easily track Memorials or other small, short-lived funds. The reason you use a spreadsheet is so you don’t clutter up your chart of accounts. You can have one account in your books for Memorials, and this spreadsheet would then break that amount down.

Most of us bookkeepers do this. Here’s a screen shot of one that I used to keep at Bismarck First UMC. It worked…but it’s not pretty. Also, I could never give someone a printout to show them the balances unless I wanted them to see my mess. That’s why I really like Yankton First UMC’s spreadsheet.

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