By Jeff Pospisil

The best feeling in the world is seeing a church overcome the obstacles of church finances so that they can better care for their mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ. With that in mind, I’m providing free resources for improving your church or non-profit’s financial position. I’m Jeff Pospisil. Since 2003, I’ve been immersed in the church/non-profit world of accounting. Primarily I’ve worked with United Methodist churches in the Dakotas and have seen some great results. I hope this helps you and your church.

Setting up Custom Reports in QuickBooks

QuickBooks can be a pain to use for budgeting. Even the tool is hidden away. In the church world, budgets are rarely optional. In this post I go over setting up a budget and the importance of setting up a secondary budget to make year-end projections.

Why I do this

One of the most important factors in determining if a church or ministry will succeed is if they have a clear sense of purpose (i.e. they know their why). In this post I share my Why.