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My Church forgot to file with the Secretary of State. Now what?

Is your church in Good Standing with the State? The other day, I did a search on the Secretary of State website for United Methodist churches. You would be shocked at how many churches have been involuntarily dissolved because someone missed filing the Annual Report. In this post, I show you how to check your church’s status and how to undo the damage if your church isn’t in Good Standing.

Next Level Conditional Formatting in Excel

This is pretty nerdy, but few things motivate me more than a good-looking spreadsheet. In fact, I created two spreadsheets (linked in the post) that helped me lose weight and catch up on email. If a spreadsheet has great formatting, I’m more likely to keep it up to date as well as look at it closely. For me, Conditional Formatting has been a blessing in making it easy to make my spreadsheets more attractive and informative.