QuickBooks Online: Emailing or Uploading Receipts and Bills

The other day I accidentally bookmarked “Receipt” in QuickBooks Online. I actually was hoping this was a quicker way of getting to Sales Receipts which I use for entering donations. When I clicked it, it brought me to a screen where I could upload PDF files. You can also setup a place to email PDF files. Maybe it was a good accident because this might solve some problems. Here’s how I see using it:

Auto Bill Entry

There are a handful of bills I get emailed to me every month such as subscriptions and utilities. Why not setup a rule in Outlook to automatically forward those bills to QuickBooks and then delete it after forwarding? I would go from saving/printing the invoice, deleting the email, and manually entering the bill to what…just opening QuickBooks to see if the invoice came in correctly?

Batch Entering Transactions

I’m almost tempted to get a fancy document scanner to be able to quickly scan all my paper invoices. That way I can have them all in one folder. If other folks on my team also have access to that folder (Dropbox or Google Drive), I can just select all those files and drop them in QuickBooks. BOOM! QuickBooks then enters them, and I just need to review the receipts or invoices.

I could see this especially if you have a church or corporate credit card. Have the cardholder review the monthly statement and make sure they have all their receipts. Once they have all their receipts, drag and drop into QuickBooks. If you have the credit card syncing with QuickBooks, QuickBooks should then match those receipts to the proper transactions.

Trusting Trusted Employees

If you have QuickBooks Online Plus, you can have up to five users…plus View Only users. You can add trusted employees to QuickBooks with limited access. They could then email in their own invoices or receipts which ensures that they’ll get paid quicker. With some training, the employee can also go in and see when it was paid.

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