Quickly Creating a Google Map of Church Members

This is probably the coolest thing I’ve learned all year. With the Global Methodist denomination getting setup, I noticed some regions were setting up maps of all their church locations. I was impressed but had no idea how this was done. For my own region (Upper Midwest), I know the churches in North Dakota and South Dakota. I have no clue about Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. If only I had a map….

Long story short, I Googled it, and you can see the result in the video or on our website. I show you exactly how to setup the map in the video as well. How else could you use this knowledge?

  • Member Map: This would also work for donors or customers. It can be useful to have a visual when you’re making plans to care for or organize these folks.
  • Vacation Plans: You could actually map out your itinerary in Google Maps and then save and share it. This would have been good to know when planning vacations with the extended family.
  • Places You Visited: I might be cool to have a map of all the major destinations you’ve been to. You could add in the description the date and reason for the visit.
  • Recommended Businesses: This might be a stretch, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a personal map maybe among friends and family where you shared recommended restaurants, dentists, mechanics, etc.?

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