Sometimes you can be too cheap…almost

Is it possible to be too cheap? I really put it to the test with this hotel experience. I reserved a hotel room at the cheapest place in Bismarck and nothing turned out as planned. The story is in the video, but here are some advantages to being cheap.

  1. Saving Money – I had to put this one in there. This time, being cheap almost cost me a lot, but I ended up spending three nights in Bismarck for $50/night. Also it, only cost me half the mileage. This saved the Dakotas UMC roughly $400.
  2. Practiced Dependence – I have a tendency to not want to depend on anyone for anything. It’s fine if people depend on me, but I find it unnerving. That’s not healthy…especially as a Christian. When I’m cheap and car pool or share a room, I am choosing to depend on someone else. This is humbling for me and shows respect for the value of others.
  3. I Look Green – I tend to walk or ride my bike often around town instead of driving. I keep the thermostat low in the winter and high in the summer. I don’t buy much so I produce little garbage. You might think I’m an environmental fanatic, but I’m actually just cheap.
  4. Learned Contentment – There’s a lot of pressure to always want more or new. I can walk through a store and only pick up the items on my list. I can go onto Amazon and not buy anything. I can put up with what I have even if it’s worn or dated. I think this is being content.

As long as cheapness is not tied to greed, I think it is mostly positive. If you want to cure greed, I encourage you to tithe to a church.

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