Preview of Spring 2022

This is just a quick update. I was debating on whether or not to throw my 2¢ (now probably 4¢ with inflation) into the United Methodist split conversation. Long story short, I’m planning on alternating between practical financial advice and denominational split issues…at least until Annual Conference on June 9-11.

The denominational split is a distraction for the vast majority of United Methodists. From looking at our statistics, most United Methodist churches are having little success making disciples of anyone…which is a problem. That’s like if most Burger Kings couldn’t make Whoppers…of if Starbucks started selling coffee for a reasonable price. That would be a problem for their business model. The United Methodists have a problem in our ministry model (making disciples), and there isn’t any vote of General Conference or Annual Conference that can significantly help.

The denominational split is important for United Methodist leaders. For pastors and other church leaders, being prepared to help your church navigate the split is important. I strongly encourage churches to go through the values workshop (linked below) as it will likely help. It is so difficult to lead if you feel uncertain about your own future. I’ve been spending time trying to put myself in the shoes of church leaders as well as pastors (retired and active) to understand what is at stake for them. Hopefully that will help remove some of the uncertainty.

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