Does your Church Ignore the Budget? Try the “Envelope System”

One of the joys of my work is that I get to work with a lot of different churches from around the country…and sometimes even beyond. Every church I work with is a chance to learn. Earlier this year I was able to help the Journey Community Church in De Pere, WI setup QuickBooks Online. They had everything almost everything setup but just wanted some guidance on helping QuickBooks fit their system.

Journey Community Church doesn’t strike me as a boring church. They have a silo in their parking lot. The tagline on their website is that they want to help people grow in Christ and have fun along the way. How cool is that! Their accounting system isn’t boring either. It reminds of Dave Ramsey’s envelope system where every dollar is assigned a job. I like that! I’ve worked with a lot of churches with unrealistic budgets so this was refreshing to see a system that ties the budget to actual income.

In the video, I quickly go over what it might look like for a church. I also link a spreadsheet below that could help you with income allocations according to your budget.

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