Top 10 Predictions for 2022

Last year I made a video where the optimistic version of myself sat down with the pessimistic version of myself to make predictions for 2021. I’ll review that video and look at how accurate I was. I think I was trying to hedge my bets with that video so this year I’m just going to come out with 10 predictions. We’ll see what kind of prognosticator I am.

Back to Normal in 2021Life will be better than even 2019Craziness will get even worsePessimist
Super BowlBills beat Tampa Bay in blowoutBills vs Vikings – Game cancelled Optimist
PoliticsTrump & Biden cooperate and serve as co-presidentDivision heats up and divide on COVID-19 intensifiesPessimist
TechEmbracing simple life…especially flip phonesInternet blackout lead to coffee shortageTie
The ChurchBuilt up good will lead to booming churchesCraziness and chaos will lead to booming churchesTie

As pretty much all of us are aware, 2021 has been a rough year. The pessimist is the winner!

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