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I’m currently on a a Simon Sinek kick. I read “Leaders Eat Last” twice. I just finished “Starting with Why” and am currently reading “Finding your Why.” These are great books! I highly recommend them. I’ve often seen how a church will struggle if they forget their Why (purpose, mission, vision, identity). Or maybe they don’t forget, but their Why gets…fuzzy. I’ve also seen churches turn it around so quickly when they remember their Why or become clear about their why. Nothing can stop a church with a clear sense of Why.

I think this is the same for individuals as well so I’ve taken some time to remember my own Why. In the video, I go into more depth, but, in a nutshell, here’s my Why: For a church to succeed, they need a successful treasurer. Most treasurers have little support for their work to help them succeed. Can I be part of the answer of supporting church treasurers?

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