QuickBooks: Understanding Check Memos

I’m spending this summer learning about QuickBooks. There are a number of little things that bug me about how I’m currently using QuickBooks Online, and I want to see what can be done. The first one is the check memo. I almost always print my checks through QuickBooks, but I never knew how to print anything on the check memo. My hand writing isn’t pretty so, when I have to write something in the check memo, it looks unprofessional…almost childish.

There’s two ways that I found to print something in the check memo:

  1. Vendor Details: In the vendor details, there’s an Account No. field. The Account No. always shows up in the check memo when you pay a bill. This is fine for utilities, and other regular bills, but not so great for those unusual ones.
  2. Check: Instead of entering a bill, enter a check. The Memo field in the check actually prints on the check. You can also customize what prints on the check stub by what you enter in the Description.

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