So you want to Preach on Giving: Part 2

The subject of giving and generosity is usually not a popular subject to preach on. While it’s tempting to avoid the subject altogether, most pastors know that this is an import part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. So, when the pastor does eventually preach on the subject, they are then tempted to rip off the Band-Aid and tell the congregation everything they need to know about giving and generosity in one message. This is one of the rare times when ripping off the Band-Aid will do more harm than good.

Every point in your sermon is a challenge to the listener. They are challenge to either accept or act on the idea. In such a weighty subject as giving and generosity, every challenge can feel like you’re handing the listener a cinder block. If you hand ONE cinder block to someone, they’re likely ABLE to carry it…but will they be WILLING to carry it. If you hand THREE or FOUR cinder blocks to someone, few will be able and practically no one will be willing to even try. If you are serious about life change, stick to one point. If you want to make multiple points, you’re going to have to make it a sermon series.

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