Why Church Treasurers HATE Church Budgets

It’s sad when, what should be a great joy to a treasurer, turns out to be a burden. Treasurers usually love numbers. Numbers provide comfort and something solid in the squishy spiritual world of the church. When churches make financial decisions based on how much money is the bank, why bother with a budget?

Since treasurers are often not very confrontational, here are the words that are often left unsaid when it comes to the budget:

  • “Do you understand that a budget isn’t money in the bank? You can’t spend what we don’t have.”
  • “So…when we budget an unrealistic amount for the church, we call it faith, but then we criticize the pastor when she preaches on increasing our personal giving on faith. Hypocrites!”
  • “Can’t we just save some time and just turn in a budget that says, ‘Same as last year?’

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