Is QuickBooks a good idea for churches?

Church treasurers rarely change. If you’re elected church treasurer, that’s pretty much a life sentence. Church treasurers are usually very constant and reliable people so chances are, once they find out what works best for them, it isn’t changing until the end of their life sentence. So, when there is a change in treasurers, a lot of churches…and the new treasurer…ask, “What are my choices for church accounting software?”

Most church accounting software is fine, but there is always a learning curve. How many accountants or bookkeepers are trained in Church Windows or PowerChurch before becoming a church treasurer? I would guess that number is probably south of 1%. Probably the vast majority of them have never even heard of any specialized church accounting software. That’s why I encourage churches to consider QuickBooks. Shorten the learning curve with QuickBooks. Here’s more on this:

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