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How does the Housing Exclusion apply to Retirement?

Each June the United Methodists celebrate pastors that are retiring. I always love hearing the words of wisdom they share with us at Annual Conference.

My gift back to these retirees is a reminder of how the Housing Exclusion works in retirement. Retirees can save thousands in taxes if they understand this. Actives should know about this as well for their own tax planning.

What Housing expenses can Pastors write off for Taxes?

If there’s any question I get more often than any other (at least relating to the Housing Exclusion), it’s this: “Does the IRS have a list of housing expenses I can write off?”

The answer is No. In all my reading, the IRS doesn’t even give an example. So, that has led some clergy tax experts to put together their own list which I share with you here.

How should a Pastor fill out their W-4?

I love this time of year! I like the cold weather and the smell of tax forms. Before the end of the month, I should have my taxes filed and my withholdings adjusted.

This is the time of year to start thinking about how much you are putting aside for taxes. You can set your withholdings by properly completing Form W-4, but the revised Form is tricky…especially for clergy.