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The UMC Split: A Good Home for Every Church & Every Pastor

Many of us are fortunate enough to know what a good home feels like. It might be your biological home or with your in-laws or even with a group of good friends, but it’s so important to have a good home if we are going to do our best work.

In this week’s offering, I give you three questions to ask yourself (either as an individual or a church) to help in discerning if the UMC or GMC will be a good home.

The Global Methodist Church is launching May 1st. What does that mean for the Dakotas?

Since the announcement that the Global Methodist denomination, I’ve had a number of pastors reach out to me and ask what this means for their church. Usually these are pastors of churches leaning towards leaving the UMC. Here’s what I’ve been sharing with them. The video gives some advice on what your church leadership can be doing now.