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How the Disaffiliation Process works in the Dakotas UMC

Does anybody understand the process for leaving the United Methodist denomination? I’m in leadership, and I only had a rough idea because, like almost every United Methodist process, the Disaffiliation process seems confusing and overly complicated. Partially this is on purpose so that somebody doesn’t get mad one day and disaffiliation the next. The process allows a church to work through disaffiliation rationally.

This post covers step-by-step the process to disaffiliate in the Dakotas UMC.

The UMC Split: A Separation that Encourages Future Cooperation

In the split of the United Methodist denomination, what are fair terms for a church to be able to leave the UMC to join the Global Methodist denomination? This is such a cruddy deal that I doubt either side will be perfectly happy with any terms. Are there terms that seem fair and allow us not to feel taken advantage of? I hope so.

In this post, I share some thoughts from the leadership of the Dakotas UMC as we try to navigate this issue.

The UMC Split: Faithfulness in our Commitments to Each Other

In thinking about what a good split would look like in the United Methodist denomination, I hope we finish well. I hope that those that leave follow through with their commitments. I also hope that those that stay follow through with theirs as well.

What are those commitments. I try to pick out the ones that I think are most relevant at this time. Are there others you would include?