Category: Financial Foundations

QuickBooks and Your Church

Last night Sheri and I held a webinar on QuickBooks and your church. We went over why churches should consider QuickBooks, where to get it cheap, and how to set it up for a church. We also went over how to use it to manage donations and use it’s budget tool. We had great participation that really added to it.

The Art of the Ask

One of the scariest tasks that pastors and others leaders can face is asking for money. But there are some people that seem to be able to ask for large donations without breaking a sweat. Are these people just born different? Maybe. If you are one of the normal people that doesn’t look forward to…

Old Money, New Opportunities

How many times have you been at a church meeting where you are discussing a great ministry opportunity, but there’s no money available for it…except for the money in that one fund? Most churches have that pot of money whose purpose is not written down but is actually embodied by the committee that has historically…